As you all know there are thousands of travel agencies in New Zealand, thousands and thousands of travel agents in New Zealand (NZ) and travel brokers in New Zealand (NZ), then we wonder why would New Zealanders choose Travel India, North Shore, a New Zealand Travel agency for their travel needs.

Our customers in New Zealand choose Travel India as their trusted travel agents because travel India don't only sell air tickets or other travel services but also provide following services to make their customers travel experiences comfortable and provide maximum possible value for their money:

When you buy your Air tickets from Travel India you also get following:

Complete Visa Guides & all web links to enable you to learn about how to get visas for your travel;

Departure & Arrival Forms/Cards samples of all countries you would be travelling to make you aware in advance what information you need to fill in these forms and also customs informations of those countries;

Complete Baggage informtion with web links to airlines web pages that provide you complete baggage information and baggage packing tips by each airlines on its website;

Complete Special Meals List of each airline that you would be travelling so that you have all the meals information that you can request an airline through us;

Airport information of airports that you would be travelling including transit guides of your airline and airport;

Information about aircrafts you would be travelling including seating maps and aircraft technical and other specifications and details;

Besides we provide tons of other information specific to your ticket/travel bought from us.

Like hundreds of New Zealanders (NZ) who trust Travel India for their travel requirements from among thousands of New Zealand Travel Agencies and New Zealand Travel Agents, we request you to please give us one opportunity to serve you and we promise that you would not be disappointed.